Diversity Antenna Sites

  • Six independent sectors providing 360° coverage
  • Integrated high-performance down-converters for highest selectivity
  • Simultaneous multi-band options available
  • Up to 15dBi gain in any direction

360° Diversity Antenna Array




A6 wide-band sector antenna

Six-Input Diversity Receiver-DMR600

  • Receive one channel on up to six antennas simultaneously
  • Low cost UHF input with passive loop-through
  • Daisy-chain multiple DMRs using passive “loops-throughs” from one antenna array
  • Create receive systems capable of receiving multiple channels and multiple bands simultaneously
  • Route encrypted video and data back to command center using standard IP networks
  • No custom back-hauls required

IP Video and Data Management

  • Distribute video and data over your secure IP network
  • Built-in Networking, RF spectrum monitoring and system control
  • Distribute video over the public internet using advanced encryption
  • Control and monitor all video access one either side of your enterprise firewall

Video Network Server (VNS) Managed Video Access

  • Process multiple incoming IP streams from remote receivers
  • Merge streams from multiple locations to create large continuous coverage areas
  • Decrypt merged streams and trans-code into multiple resolutions for distribution
  • Distribute over secure local network and securely over public internet
  • Manage remote-user access